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Through the years we have learned that we can provide the best service to our customers through a negotiated-bid process. If you are not familiar with the term “negotiated bid” it can best be explained in comparison to a “competitive bid.”

Competitive bid: A client provides several contractors with project specifications and/or formal plans, and requests that each contractor prepare an estimate for their project. Generally speaking there are few, if any, meetings between the client and contractor prior to receiving the estimate, and many of the project details are determined through assumption and interpretation by the contractor. Based on the estimates submitted, the client chooses a contractor to complete the project.

In a competitive-bid environment, there is a strong emphasis on the bottom-line price.

Negotiated bid: A client chooses a contractor and provides project specifications and/or formal plans. Through initial meetings, the client and the contractor establish a realistic budget-goal for the project. The client and the contractor continue to work together to detail the project. If the specifications and/or expectations for the project stray from the budget requirements, the contractor is able to provide professional recommendations for areas that can possibly be adjusted to bring the costs back in-line with the budget.

In a negotiated-bid environment there is a venue to communicate the project details, and the emphasis is placed on quality and value with a budget orientation.

Our experience has shown that a negotiated-bid environment fosters a committed, trust-based relationship between us and our customers. That’s the kind of relationship we like to have!

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